▷ Best Irish Online Slot Sites 【August 2023】

Want to play online slots? These are the best Irish Online Casino sites August 2023

You get:
100% bonus
up to 200 euro

and 60 CASH spins

5.0 rating
You get:
121% bonus
up to €300

+ 21 No Deposit Bonus Spins

4.8 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 200 euro

and 40 CASH spins

4.8 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 200 euro
4.8 rating
You get:
100% ACCA bonus
up to 100 euro

and 100 FREE spins

4.8 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 325euro

and 225 FREE spins

4.5 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 250 euro

and 25 FREE spins

4.5 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 100 euro

and 100 FREE spins

4.5 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 300 euro

and 20 FREE spins

4.0 rating
New customers only

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You get:
100% bonus
up to 100 euro

and 125 FREE spins

4.0 rating


Online slot sites have become increasingly popular in Ireland, as players seek out fast-paced entertainment, captivating gameplay and potentially huge prizes. With so many online slots sites available, it can be difficult to choose the best one.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best online slots sites in Ireland that offer an exciting gaming experience with top-notch customer service and generous bonuses. Whether you’re looking for classic 3-reel games or modern 5-reel video slots with multiple paylines and bonus features, these online slot sites have something for everyone. So get ready to spin the reels and win big!

If you’re looking to play online slots in Ireland, then you’ve come to the right place! Here we will help you identify the best slots online in Ireland, and explain what the differences are between the types available.

We’ll also provide tips on playing them and their returns on average, so that you can maximize your chances of winning big! With so many great online slots sites available in Ireland, we’ll make sure you find the perfect one for your needs. So let us help you find your ideal site today!

The websites we feature and their apps are all fully regulated and authorised in Ireland, and have met all legal in-country requirements. Remember to always read Terms & Conditions which are subject to change to ensure that you will get the bonuses you expect.You must be 18+ to participate, and proof of this will be required.

🎖️ Top Casino Recommendations

We strive to provide our readers with the best online slots sites in Ireland that suit their individual gaming needs. We understand the importance of finding the right casino for you, so we are committed to providing you with detailed and up-to-date information on all the best online slots sites available in Ireland.

To ensure that our readers get unbiased advice, we have an affiliate disclosure policy which states that any links or products mentioned on our website may be sponsored or affiliated with a third party. This means that if you click on one of these links or purchase a product mentioned on our website, we may receive a commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. We hope this helps you find the best online slots sites in Ireland for your gaming pleasure!

Here are 20 top sites we recommend and the types of offers they have had and may have. Be aware that they are subject to change and you should check each site individually to confirm before signing up.

⭐ Which Slots Sites Can I Trust?

Online slots are the perfect way to bring the thrill of the Irish casino into your life wherever you are – be it in your living room, on holidays, waiting for the kids’ football game to finish, or a lunch break. Ireland has access to some of the biggest bookmakers in the world.

Through online sites you can now play at the best slots and casinos with just a few clicks. With a wide range of games available, from classic fruit machines to 3D video slots, you can experience all the fun and excitement of traditional casinos right in your own living room. With huge jackpots on offer and an ever-growing selection of games, Irish players have never had it so good when it comes to playing online slots. There is such a huge selection it can be difficult to know which site to choose.

But we are here to help you. With so many options it can be hard to even know where to start looking. Our reviews make a shortcut of this for you. The hardest bit is already done here on our page, with a selection of the top sites, their pros and cons, and some of their more significant details. We have pulled out our recommendations from the online slots sites available in Ireland. Through our summary you just have to work out which one suits you the best.

Naturally, as with any industry, there is a great variety of standards between different vendors, including some which are below standards. We are here to guide you into what to look for so that you can avoid the dodgy ones. But we also point you towards the sites which have the better bonuses, are fast to payout, more user-friendly, and have taken care to ensure their customer service is top notch.

Basically we have already done the most tedious of the legwork for you. We look into how we guage them, the different types of online slots games available, and how the bonuses and other details work. All you have to do is think about your own personal habits and requirements and what aspects are more important in your gaming.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. Everything you need is already conveniently summarised here for you.

As a quick introduction, here are 3 for example, which we recommend.

  • Dream Vegas has a total of 1421 mobile slot games,
  • Casimba has 1386 mobile slot games, and
  • Playzee has 1672 mobile slot games.

☝ What type of Online Slots Games are there?

Let’s first look at what we’re talking about. If you are unfamiliar with online slots games, first you want to know what this entails. Before we look at the separate sites and start thinking about which details might work for you, let’s first look at the big picture. What different types of slots games are there?

With the constant developments in technology and what is possible online the slots scened has changed and grown in sophistication over time. When Pacman and Space Invaders appeared nearly half a century ago, just having visual images was a new thing.

Now the graphics are bright and colourful, can be sophisticated not only in how they look but also in how they move, with a whole range of creative themes and special screen effects visually to make them fun to play there are now endless exciting choices to pick from.

We will look at five main types of slots games:

  • Video slots
  • 3D slots
  • Fruit machines
  • Irish slots
  • Branded slots

▷ Video Slots

These are your basic games, the original games which have an endless appeal in their simplicity. Though the themes have infinite variations, the games go back to the original slots games format that our grandparents played in the clubs and casinos in the days before computer and mobile phones became our norm. Right from the start they clued into a format which still makes them perhaps the most popular type of online game even today.

Generally they will be either 3 or 5 reel slots. A reel is the number of symbols across. The original you may have seen was a 3 reel slot, with just one row. Pull the handle and the reels spin to give a new combination – hopefully a winning one. Today there are typically 3 or 5 reels, and a number of rows. The original suit of cards has been replaced by an endless variety of themes, which will include fun features like scatter symbols and wild ‘cards’.

They can act like jokers and substitute for any card to make a winning combination, or they can have bonuses and prizes thrown in, such as multiplying your score for the combination. Developers have not paid attention only to the symbols, but also to the background which can be animated or designed to show hidden items on a win. And of course, the sound options can now be very creative, often linking back into the theme.

Some of the most popular video slots available online at the present include:

  • Wheel of Fortune:- The ever popular idea of the old carnival sideshow which was made into a TV show in the 70s is still one of the most popular games in online slots. It typically has 5 reels and 5 paylines*, generating an exciting 720 different winning combinations and an RTP** of 96%.
  • Kingdoms Rise: Captain’s Treasure:- This is a 6-reel slot from Playtech (one of the largest games designers) with 50 paylines. You win prizes by following a golden compass. Its RTP is 96.05%.
  • Starburst:- This one has both simplicity making it a great one for beginners, as well as complexities to keep even the veterans hooked – perhaps explaining why it is so extremely popular. It creates a fun experience in gaming to keep players coming back for more. Designed by NetEnt (another of the designing giants) it is one of their most popular games. No doubt its excellent RTP of 96.05% is also a contributing factor.
  • Milkshake XXXtreme:- This unlikely theme has hit the gaming nerve to become one of the most popular games of 2023. Another by NetEnt, and only released in February, it has captured the imagination of the gaming bug. Its big wins may be part of the appeal, with the possibility of being able to win as much as 7,100 times your original bet. It ha a low to medium variance, which means small but frequent wins and a low risk of losing. Because of its huge success NetEnt have a sequel in the series, Taco Fury XXXtreme.
  • Thunderstruck II:- This one is from Microgaming, and is an older one released over a decade ago. But it has stayed at the top of the most popular games and still holds its rank today. It is a 5-reel game with 243 paylines – ways to win.
  • Paylines* are the winning combinations. Unlike the original video slots where it was just the one straight line across, the online slots can have a whole range of different winning patterns across its grid.
  • RTP** is Return To Player. This is how much on average the player can expect to get back in wins. ie, if a player spends €100 on a game, on average over time statistics show that they are likely to receive €96.05 in winnings. Of course, by the very nature of gambling, while this can sometimes be a lot more – the big prizes we all are hoping for – it can also be significantly less.

🔸️ 3D Slots

These are much like the video slots, but they have enough of an update to give them a category of their own. They take the rythmical pleasure of the video game up a notch by adding an additional exciting dimension by their upgraded degree of graphics. Not only are they visually great because they have 3D graphics, but they also have a greater narrative going on and are far more immersive and exciting as a gaming experience.

Some of the most popular 3D slots available online at the present include:

  • Turning Totems:- This one has been inspired by the Mayan culture and peoples of Central America who created totems as part of their animal or spirit gods. It is a 5-reel game with 11 paylines, and a very nice RTP of 96.1%.
  • The Rift:- A 5-reel slot with 17 paylines, this one is themed by magic inspired by healing gemstones. It has a very healthy RTP of 96.3%.
  • Jungle Jim El Dorado:- With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this one is clearly based on the quest for the city of El Dorado and its legendary treasury of gold and silver in the jungles of South America.
  • Gonzo’s Quest:- One which has become an old classic in the new world of online gaming, it has gained a reputation making it an iconic game. Launched in 2011, it is fun, has an entertaining story, and a whole range of features to entice the online player. It is loaded with fun features and has a great range of bonuses, and an RTP of 96%.

✴ Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot is the big prize. Progressive means that it increases as the days/time goes by without a winner – you’re probably already familiar with these ideas from ads for lotto. The big drawcard of the progressive jackpot slots is that you can potentially get these prizes with only a small initial bet. And the appeal is always extremely high when the prize talks about multi-million dollar rewards!

The way they work is that as each player plays, a small amount of their bet is added to the jackpot. With millions of players, that means that the jackpot grows at a decent pace. The longer before a player finally wins it, the bigger it will be. The prize money can be 7 and even 8-figure amounts. We all dream of the quick buck, and this has all the promise of being exactly that.

Some of the most popular progressive jackpot slots available online at the present include:

  • Mega Fortune:- Who is not enticed by the idea of the luxury lifestyle: Living it up on private yachts, dining on champagne and truffles, and displaying golden watches – the classic image of the Abba song “Money, Money, Money”. This game is a 5-reel game with 25 paylines, and a nice healthy 96% RTP.
  • Age of the Gods:- What is not to be drawn to the imagery of the ancient myths, and none more appealing than the gods of ancient Greece. Also a 5-reel game, with 20 paylines, this one has an RTP of 95.02%
  • Mega Moolah:- The classic of progressive jackpot games, this one still gets the crowds. In spite of a low RTP of 88.12% and a game that is very basic within the context of the latest developments in graphics, this one gets the votes because of its massive payouts. It regularly has wins of record-breaking size with a total of over €1 billion over time. Payouts have gone as high as €18.9 million to one lucky winner.

🎰 Fruit Machines

These slots have all the appearance of the old-fashioned ones found in arcades everywhere, but they are in fact whole new games with – you guessed it – fruit symbols, as well as bells and the lucky number 7. They even have the original 3-reel format (or 5-reel) and just a single straight payline through the middle.

You can either hold a reel or nudge reels, which adds an extra dimension – a mini version of poker without the poker faces.

Some of the most popular fruit machine slots available online at the present include:

  • Fruit Fiesta:- With the classic format of a 3 or 5 reel grid and a fruit bonanza to feast your eyes on, this one has an RTP of 90.09%.
  • Booming Seven Deluxe:- Another classic fruit machine game – well, to be honest, they are all classics in some way, hence their popularity – this suggests of old-time games. It has 3 reels and 9 paylines. The fruit machine is located in the setting of a traditional looking casino out of the past. It has a nice RTP of 96.55%.
  • Fruit Shop:- You can’t get more classic than this one, an old time standard. Showing a market stall in cartoon-style graphics, this one is a 5-reel with 3 rows, giving a grid with 15 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.71%.

💡 Branded Slots

The popularity of slots which follow themes has inevitably also given over to themes based on pop-culture – all those things we love being packaged up into a game and depicted by cartoons. When we are a fan, whether it be a TV show, hit movie or a band, we crave every variaton on the theme. The branded slots accommodate exactly this. Similar to video slots, they follow the narrative for the fans creating charicatures of our favourites.

Some of the most branded slots available online at the present include:

  • Game of Thrones:- The TV series may have reached its winter (the book series having come to its conclusion and all), but for those of us who can never get enough this 5-r44l slot game is the perfect avenue for our fandom. It is a 5-reel game with 15 paylines including fun features like the free spins which hark to the Houses of Westeros.
  • Guns ‘N’ Roses:- This may be an old band out of the 80s, but it is still in the hearts of many. Their popularity is very much a current enigma. They are still doing concert tours which are sell-out fast. So get yourself in the mood, or stay in the mood after a show, or simply enjoy the journey with this 5-reel online slot. The grid is of course set on a stage, with a selection of their songs a choices for the background. It has 20 payines and a better than average RTP of 97.98%
  • Rocky:- Based on the iconic movie series with Sylvester Stallone, this great story of the underdog fighting to rise to the top strikes a chord with most of us, even if we’re not boxing fans. With almost as many reels as there are movies (unless you add in the Creed sequels) it is a 5-reel slot, with 25 paylines.
  • Thor:- For all the Marvel and superhero fans out there, and those who love the droll humour of the lead actor – Australian Chris Hemsworth – this is a great revisit and narrative – in particular of the second movie in the series. (The Dark World). With bonus features and a possible win of 1,000 coins, the appeal is easy to see.

🇮🇪 Irish Slots

With perhaps the best left til last – well who can argue with a home grown flavour! And of course, the themes and symbols are what the Irish are known for – leprechauns with their pots of gold, shamrocks, plenty of beer and some potlucks and so on. So bless your cotton socks if it isn’t a pleaser just for that. To be honest, these ones aren’t popular only in Ireland.

Some of the most popular Irish slots available online at the present include:

  • Emerald King:- This game is one fro Pragmatic Play, and has potloads of fun to it. Its minimum pay is an easily managable 20 Eurocents, allowing for a large number of turns for your money. Winnings go up to 20,000 coins, which is quite a nice return on just 20 cents.
  • Leprechaun Goes Wild:- This theme doesn’t even need an introduction. Invites fun and the notion of winnings just by its title. A game from Play’n Go, the main symbol is obviously enough a leprechaun. Though the title suggests the leprachaun is going wild, it is actually a reference to the fact that they have 6 wilds, giving a great fun spin to go with the theme on an old idea.
  • Celtic Charm Fire Blaze Quattro:- Put out by Playtech in 2022, this is one of the most exciting games on the market. Bound to keep you entertained for hours, one of it’s enticements if the possibility of winning 2,588 times your initial bet.
  • Gaelic Luck:- Another with a name that makes you want to play it, and also by Playtech, this one has great graphics as well as a jackpot of 10,000x your line bet. With a high RTP of 97.06% it is a great slots game.

There are a huge number of slot games, but these are some that we are happy to recommend, giving you a starting point on your journey of exploration with them.

🔎 What are our Criteria to Rank Slots Sites?

How have we assessed different games? For you to be able to make your choices you need to understand what criteria we have used. To simply say we think this is the best game depends on how we have ranked it. For example, we may have given it very high points for its welcome bonuses, and not paid much attention to customer service. If for you, on the other hand, the initial bonus wasn’t as important as the customer help desk when you have trouble, you would have a very different notion of which one was best.

There are 5 categories we have especially considered in our reviews. The sites we recommend are generally good in all 5 areas. These areas are:

  • The variety of online slots the site has on offer
  • The quality of those games
  • Whether the experience as a user is a good one
  • How generous and easy to get the bonuses are
  • The type of slots on offer

Finding the best online slots sites in Ireland can be a daunting task, especially with the sheer number of them out there. But with careful consideration of key criteria, you can make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. As well as these above criteria, we also consider promotions and bonuses, ease of withdrawals and deposits, whether the registration is straightforward and easy, how accessible the games are on mobiles and other devices, type of software used, VIP offers, customer support and help with gambling issues and more.

By looking into these factors carefully, you can find an online slots site that offers a great selection of games as well as good user experience and bonuses. With this information at your fingertips, you can make sure that you are making the best decision to match to your own particular preferences.

In order to make these assessments, experts have signed up to various sites and tried them out with a view to these aspects in mind. The bonuses are checked out and compared to other sites by making deposits and withdrawals through a variety of methods. The slots are played and such factors as entertainment value, how appealing the graphics and setup are, how user-friendly and the speed of the game. Customer support is accessed in a variety of ways and the speed of payments is checked out, various problems posed to the help staff.

These are all things you can do yourself, but they take an investment of time that most of us don’t have. So this bit has been tested out for you, with the subsequent review for you to consider. It is important also not only that the site is easily available on a range of different devices, but alo that it has been designed to suit the medium. Mobiles are set up quite differently to laptops, are much smaller and have differences in their features. A program needs to be adjusted to work well on a phone – the way most of us do our gaming most of the time.

New slots are also watched for. But not only that – if a site is to maintain its membership, it must keep up with all the latest trends. Running the same game without changes for 10 or 20 years is not usually advisable – unless the game has managed to hit the nail on the head from the start. But even the best games are in need of tweaking as the level and quality of graphics and sound is constantly evolving in the fast-paced world of technology.

⚡ What Welcome Bonuses Can I Expect?

We can say that the long term scenario is more important than the welcome bonuses, but let’s be honest – those bonuses are the starting point for most of us. And the casinos know it. They are their selling point.

Online sites are seriously competitive. There are many sites, all of which want to get your business over your interest in anyone else. And welcome bonuses play a big role in that.

At first glance the bonuses seem to fall into 2 or 3 different types. But there are quite a range of differences when you look into the requirements in order to qualify them. This is why it is so important to read the fine print – the Terms & Conditions, and to shop around.

irish casino free spins

A large bonus will often have strings attached. How long do you have to claim a bonus? What minimum wagering requirements do they have? Is there a minimum deposit, and can you make several bets with it or does it have to be in one go?

Most sites will have different requirements on at least some of these details, so it is really important to check them out and make sure they work for you. It is very disappointing to sign up then discover that you can’t get the great bonus you thought you would. Be aware too, that the conditions can change and often do. They want to stay attractive to new members.

Some of the variations you might come across, for example, includes the number of free spins, how much they will match your initial deposit, up to what amount they will offer.

For example:

  • 200% welcome bonus: Means that the site will give you a 200% based on your initial deposit. If you had an initial wager of €300, that would mean they are offering you and additional €600 of free bets on top of your initial deposit, giving you €900 to play with.
  • Up to €500: This is a cap on their offer. In the above example, they would only give you €500. So your playing money would be your €300 plus their €500, being a total of not €900 but €800 to play with. If your initial wager was €100, then you would have €300 to play with.
  • Free Spins: Usually a bigger bonus offer will come with more free spins. This means exactly as it says. But sometimes a bigger bonuse will come with less free spins. Depending on the nature of the game and what your personal preferences are might change which one suited you better.
  • Wagering Requirement: Also known as a rollover requirement, this is sometimes a part of the deal. This refers to how many times you must play, or how much in bets you will need to wager before you can withdraw your winnings. This is to stop people taking advantage of their offers, taking the bonuses and free spins and giving nothing back.


It is usually expressed as how many times your initial bonus – that initial €100 or €300 deposit – you must wager before you can withdraw anything. If it was 5x, on a €300 initial deposit, you would have to bet €1500 before you could take any of your winnings. This can greatly change the picture. For this reason many people look for the lowest wagering requirements, and this can possibly offset the size of the great bonuses some sites offer. It may also impact if you were wanting to have quick access to your winnings.

Bet in one go: You can see in this picture how it may also matter whether you can make your bets in several goes, spreading the risk across a number of wagers. If it has to be done all in one bet, you may not be willing to wager a large amount of your own cash.

You can now see that your best option may not be the biggest matched deposit bonus. Ideally you want to make sure that you get the biggest matched deposit bonus, as many free spins as you can, and the lowest wagering requirements. But in reality, with so many different online slots sites available, you are likely to to end up considering a compromise, whichever one best suits you. By taking into account these factors, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your experience.

And of course, the welcome bonus is just one thing to consider. There may be other factors which are more important to you. But if you can find one which offers free spins with no deposit, then you may have hit the jackpot. If one site is doing a special promotion to attract customers, it may be worth springing. such offers aren’t likely to be available for long.

Here is a nice example of some offers that some of our recommended sites have had at different times.

You get:
100% bonus
up to 200 euro

and 60 CASH spins

5.0 rating
You get:
121% bonus
up to €300

+ 21 No Deposit Bonus Spins

4.8 rating
You get:
100% bonus
up to 200 euro

and 40 CASH spins

4.8 rating

✅ How Easy is it to Sign Up Online Slots and Play?

Once you have made your decision on which one you want to sign up to, the process is then easy. All the sites have streamlined their sign up – they don’t want you to change your mind at the 9th hour. Here is a streamlined procedure to create an account you can follow which should fit with every quality site, including the ones we have recommended. Each site should be self-explanatory and easy to follow, even without these steps. Just make sure to double check the Terms & Conditions that the details haven’t changed since your initial research.

  1. Click on the sign-up link in the google search or on their page.
  2. Enter your personal details – name, password and currency preference.
  3. Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Confirm your age.
  5. If relevant, select your slots bonus.
  6. Confirm your email address.
  7. Complete the KYC*: You will need a ciot if your photo ID and proof of address, maybe a bill.

KYC*= is Know Your Customer. This is a requirement by law in Ireland which all casinos must adhere to as part of their licencing agreements.

🤑 How Easy is it to Play Online Slots?

Little could be easier. The sites want you to play, so they have worked hard to make it straightforward. In order to start playing, you will first need to make a deposit.

  1. Visit the cashier page.
  2. Make a deposit into your new account using one of the payment options.
  3. Check the slots and choose one which you like. Make note of the payout table.
  4. Set the details in the menus – eg your maximum wager per line etc
  5. Make your wager.
  6. Spin!!!
  7. Enjoy playing!

Once you have wagered the requirement for withdrawals, you can visit the cashier for your winnings. Enter the amount you want and confirm.

irish casino promos

While deposits are instant, be aware that withdrawals never are. It will be made clear in the Terms & Conditions, but it is usually a wait of 1 or 2 days. Which payment option you use generally doesn’t matter on withdrawals, but certain methods sometimes prevent you from qualifying for the bonuses, something of which you should be aware.

🥳 Can I Play Slots on my Mobile in Ireland?

Our lives have evolved to be constantly out on the move, and dependent on our phones. The best online slots have moved with the times. Those who have paid attention to detail will have created a mobile app that is suitable for using on your phone – we all know, our phones and our computers just aren’t the same. The mobile apps are getting better and better, now often outclassing their original for desktop. By far the majority of us will access our phones for our playing most of the time.

Online slots sites are one of the most popular forms of online gambling in Ireland. With the rise of mobile technology, these sites have become even more accessible to Irish players, as they can now be accessed on any device with any operating system. Today HTML5 is the technology on which the online slots is developed.

This can be accessed from any mobile device, be it phone or tablet or other, all of which use Android, iOS or Windows. Most casinos have apps specifically designed for mobile devices. We are so mobile oriented these days that many of the new companies develop their mobile apps first, and these are frequently becoming better and more usesr-friendly than the desktop versions.

Which Software Providers are Best for Online Slots?

In the background behind the games is where you find the real business end of online slots. It is the software developers who create the games we grow to love. There is a wealth of talented and skilled software providers competing to launch the most exciting and innovative games each year.

There are several ways you can search for new games, but one is to go via the top designers. While most providers will have some games, knowing these names is also a recommendation since they are consistent in producing the quality games. You will also find each has a flavour – some will suit your tastes better, giving you an easy way of exploring for more games. This is a win-win, because you the player are the one who in the end benefits from the experience and skills the designers bring to the table. Here are some for which to watch out.

  • Playtech:Famous for games like Superman, The Matrix, American Dad, Top Gun, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven and Age of the Gods – these are just some of the big ones they have created.
  • Microgaming: One of the biggest and best slots designers, this firm is based on the Isle of Man. Some of its top titles include Game of Thrones, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck II and Mermaids Millions.
  • Play’n GO: With some of their most exciting and popular games including Book of Dead, Mystery Joker and Troll Hunters 2 (also an awesome TV series), this Swedish based designer is always worth a look.
  • NetEnt:Also Swedish based, this is amongst the biggest and best of all the producers. Some of its games include: Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, and Mega Fortune. Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen is one of its bigger branded video slots games. Two recent releases which are shooting to the top in popularity are Milkshake XXXtreme and Taco Fury XXXtreme.
  • IGT:This multinational firm – International Game Technology – which has its headquarters in London, has branches also in Rome, Rhode Island and in Las Vegas. It led the way in branded video slots, some of these including Da Vinci Diamonds, Family Guy, Cleopatra and Pharaoh’s Fortune.
  • Betsoft: Widely thought of as amongst the bests of the online slot designers, Betsoft has an offbeat angle on its new releases. These include Good Girl Bad Girl and Slothfather. It especially focuses on 3D slots and mobile games.
  • Novomatic:- A designer from Austria since 1980, it is consistent in releasing new slots, which are also at the top of the game. These include Book of RA, Lord of the Ocean and Sizzling Hot.

✨ Can I Play in Online Tournaments in Ireland?

Who said that competitions and sport was the exclusive domain of the physical world. Just as chess is also considered a sports competition, so too are games – the eSports. Many of the online casinos host tournaments. These are usually centred around a particular game – either one which is a classic, or a new one as a part of promoting it.

If this is your thing, if you are one who likes to pit your wits and skills against other gamers, they are usually set up with a series of exciting challenges. As you climb the leader board there are plenty of great prizes to be won, everything from cash and gadgets to cars and holidays. When it is a new game – what a thrilling way to discover it, with the bonus that there are always such great prizes to be won.

slots providers ireland

Usually the online site will co-run the tournaments together with the software designer. It is in both of their interests to promote the new game. For the players, how much more fun and excitement can you put into a new game? With the bonus of great prizes with real money and other goodies!

🏦 What Payment Method Options Can I Use?

Most online slots companies will have an extensive list of payment options. Remember, they want to make it easy for you. As a site visitor the most popular methods in Ireland to make withdrawals and deposits are through debit cards.

There is also a wide range of e-wallet type payment options, such as is offered by PayPal and Neteller. Be aware that some payment methods – notably Neteller and Skrill – will disqualify you from claiming the startup bonuses. This is a measure to prevent people from taking the bonuses without paying anything to the sites – remember, for them it is their business. They have many offers to entice new members to their ranks, but they want your business out of it in return.

On the other hand, prepaid cards and vouchers such as PaySafeCard are generally accepted. It is a good idea to make sure that a site has at least 2 payment options that you can use, including one with which you are comfortable.

Deposits are immediately available, but withdrawals usually have a small time lag of a day or 2. This varies with each casino, and is also dependent on which method you use. Sometimes the card provider is the one which requires the time.

Generally you will need to use the same method to withdraw as you did to deposit. This is a requirement by the licencing boards to ensure there is no money laundering.

As of April 2021 new rules stipulate that you cannot use a credit card for deposits. This includes sportsbooks as well as casinos. As always, be sure to check the Terms & Conditions of your chosen site before you sign up. This will outline all these details. Check which payment methods are accepted, as well as checking that there are no exclusions for a particular method. Each casino has different rules.

⁉️ What is RTP?

RTP is Return to Player. It is a percentage of returns, how much you can expect to win over time, and otherwise called the house edge. If the RTP for a particular game is 95.06%, that means that over time, on average, you can expect to get back €95.06 for every €100 you wager.

This is a statistic. As you know, the nature of gambling is that it is a game of chance. Some players will win big and get back much more than this. Others will get back less. In terms of how to use this statistic, the higher the RTP, the higher your winnings are likely to be.

The other detail which you need to be aware of is variance. This indicates how consistent your winnings are likely to be. A higher RTP often comes with higher variance. This means that each win is likely to be bigger (and each loss is also likely to be bigger), but it will happen less often. So if the thrill of the bigger win is your thing, higher variance is the way to go.

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If on the other hand you prefer a lower risk strategy, mid to low variance is better for you. This means that your winnings will come more often, but they will be smaller. For some people that is better – they prefer to win more often rather than wait out for the big ones. If the RTP is the same for 2 games, one with a high variance and one with a low variance, over time you are likely to get the same amount in return.

The low variance just means it will be in smaller amounts more often. The high variance might mean you have to wait quite a while, play many games before you get that win.

Just remember, it is just a statistic. There are no guarantees in gambling – that is its nature, and in the end its thrill.

💸 Online Slots Payouts and RTP

What Payouts Can I Expect?

Once you have settled on a game, you will want to know what the symbols mean for your pocket – what their values are. Each game will have information which sets out a paytable which should be in an easy-to-read format. Generally there is a grading of symbols, the more important ones occuring less often but with bigger rewards. Sometimes just one will be a win.

Other times you will need 2, or even more in a row. Some symbols are like a joker and substitute for any symbol needed to make the payline a winning one.

The information box will also set out the special features, multipliers, how the jackpot works if there is one, and tell you what the paylines are. The original straight line now has many variations. You are likely to find a whole series of boxes showing different gridded patterns.

These are the various winning combinations. Often there will be more than one winning line. The program will automatically select the one which wins you the most money, and this will be added to your winnings tab.

If the symbol is a multiplier instead of a cash amount, this means that it will earn you that many times your original bet. So if you get a 100x multiplier, and your wager for that round was €0.20, then you will get €20 added to your tab. The payout tables will also tell you what the maximum winning amount will be.

This information will help you to decide which games to play and which ones to avoid. With a comprehensive payout table, you can maximize your chances of winning and have a great time playing online slots in Ireland.

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🛡️ How Does the RNG in Slots Affect Me?

RNG is a random number generator. It is used in slots games every time you click on spin to randomly generate a result. It is what “decides” if and how much you win.

Playing slots online is one of the most popular forms of online gambling. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a software program that generates random numbers, which are used to determine the outcome of each spin on the best online slots sites in Ireland. Every time you hit spin, the RNG produces a random number that goes through the game’s algorithms and determines whether or not you win. It is important to understand how this works so you can make sure that you are playing on a fair and trustworthy site.

Historically gambling has been subject to the vaguaries of the unethical, but today this element has been taken out of it to make sure it is fair and fun. To function in Ireland all sites must adhere to the code. You can easily tell if the site is a fair one if it has licences, which are mostly produced by the gambling regulators in the UK, Malta and some others. The sites must conform to the strict regulations of the authorities, and they work hard to ensure that they do – because that is in the end their business.

One of the key aspects of this is the RNG. The gambling regulators regularly perform audits to ensure that the RNG is completely fair and balanced. If a site is licenced by one of the gambling authorities you can be confident there is no cheating going on. The authorities also check that the RTPs are accurate.

To enjoy our gambling experience it is important that the RNG is fair, and completely random and unpredictable as a result of being generated without bias by this software.

FAQs on Online Betting in Ireland

The best guide is to check the RTP or Return to Player. This tells you how much you can expect to get back on average over a period of time, as a percentage. eg An RTP of 96.67% means that over time you can expect to get back €96.67 for every €100 you pay in bets.

Be mindful, however, that this is just an average. Some people will win more. Some will win less.Gambling is ultimately a game of chance, and the regulatory authorities monitor the RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure that it is indeed random, and fair. When rolling 2 dice, statistics tell us we are most likely to roll a total of 7, but anywhere from a total of 2 to a total of 12 is possible.

Most sites will offer free spins and/or free bets. Be mindful that they are likely to have qualifying conditions. So make sure to read the Terms & Conditions so you can be sure of exactly what is being offered, and what your situation would give you. A higher welcome bonus percentage may have less free spins, or require you to bet a significant amount extra before you can withdraw your cash winnings. Some payment methods can also exclude you from a bonuse.

Yes. Most people will win something. The best bets are high RTP and low volatility - that means your likely returns are more, and you should get small amounts more often. Those frequent little wins are often the fun bit. Remember, like with any passtime, you should have the money to spare before you start. Whether you spend €100 on buying books or games, going out to dinner, or on gambling, it is money spare for your entertainment. Then anything you get back is a bonus.

Yes. All sites have free versions of games, demo versions. You can try out the games without risking your money to see how they work and how much you like playing them, though they are likely to be a limited version of the real one. Once you have registered with a casino site and make a deposit and start betting with real money (and the welcome bonuses they offer), you will get the full game and more perks and and bonuses.

Yes. Gambling in Ireland is legal if you are18+ years old. They are regulated by the international gambling bodies, such as those based in the UK and in Malta, from where the sites obtain their licences to legitimise their business.

Not at all. They are generally set out very clearly to make it easy to understand how to play, what makes a win, and what your winnings will be, the paylines, the multipliers, and the winning combinations. Even if they seem too much at first, the games are straightforward and easy to play. You don’t need to know the rules to play.

Knowing the rules just helps you to see what’s happening and to shift your playing patterns to increase your winnings and your chances of winning. You can spend time familiarising yourself before you start playing, or you can check them out one by one as you go. You can also play the demo version first to help familiarise yourself with the workings of a game so that you can make the most out of those welcome bonuses.

If you’re looking for the biggest progressive jackpots in Ireland, then you should look no further than Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, and Major Millions. These three slots nsistently offer jackpots of €1 million or more, making them the perfect choice for those looking to win big. Not only do these slots offer huge potential payouts, but they are also available at some of the best online slots sites in Ireland. The biggest jackpot win to date has been over €19 million, won in Mega Moolah and their Absolootly Mad option - a game from Games Global.

RNG is a Random Number Generator. It is an algorithm which generates the numbers and symbols which come up each time you play. The best online slots sites in Ireland offer a unique gaming experience by using the algorithm to randomly create the numbers and symbols which come up on each spin.

This algorithm is regularly tested to ensure that it is completely unbiased and fair. The randomness of the symbols being drawn for each slot ensures that no one can predict the outcome, making it an exciting and thrilling game for players. Besides, the best online slots sites also offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to reward their loyal customers, making them an attractive option for players who are looking for a great gaming experience.

If you are looking for the best online slots sites in Ireland, it can be difficult to find the one that offers the best payouts. This is because there is no single site that provides the highest payouts across all games. Instead, you will need to consider each individual site and game to determine which one offers the most favourable payouts for your needs, depending on which ones you like. With so many online slots sites available, it can be tricky to compare them all and make a decision. However, by understanding how different games have different payout rates, you can make an informed choice and find the perfect site for your needs.

Yes. That is the idea. It is real gambling. You create your own personal secure account, make your deposit and bet your money on the slots. The RTP is the percentage Return to Player - how much you are likely to get back over time (usually 94-98% of your wagers). As is the nature of gambling, it is possible to win big, and possible to lose. If you take advantage of the welcome bonuses you can win at no risk to yourself since you don’t need to use your own money. Many of the slots take a portion of your wager and add it to a jackpot - these can become extremely big. Every time you play you have a chance to win it.

Read our article above. We have given guidelines on what to look for with many suggestions of online sites we know to be good on all fronts. Consider what your gaming preferences are, since this will impact on which one suits you best. Compare the bonuses and try some games for free as demos. Make sure to check the Terms & Conditions to be sure of what the qualifiers are for the bonuses on offer.

All legitimate sites will have licences from the gambling regulating authorities - such as from the UK or Malta. They work hard to comply with their guidelines and gain these licences. Online gambling is an extrememly competitive industry, and they all want to meet the standards. The regulators are very stringent with their requirements. Check at the bottom of the home page of each site. They should have at least one licence listed there, if not more, so you can know that they are legitimate.

The nature of gambling is that it is a game of chance, and unpredictable. That is what gives us the thrill - the anticipation of the possibility of the big win. All legitimate sites are regulated to ensure that they are not rigged in any way, but genuinely random. However, as with everything, you can use some strategies to improve your potential winnings.

Check for those with a higher RTP - Return to Player. If you want to be sure of the winning thrill, a low variance is good. That means you will get regular small payouts. If you prefer the thrill of the big win, you can choose games with a high variance, but you may have to wait a long time to get these payouts. If you only play in little bits, this might not work well for you. Over time your winnings should be about the same - it just depends on whether you prefer it more often in smaller amounts, or bigger amounts less often.

You can also limit your losses by being budgeted with your gambling. It can be easy in the thrill of the moment to want to spend more than you have set aside. All good sites will give you options to help you control this by setting yourself your own deposit and gambling limits. You can choose a daily, weekly or monthly limit, depending on what suits you. This way you don’t have to worry about oversights and spending money you had set aside for another purpose.

Yes. Generally games are playable on all devices which are iOC or Android compatible, and can be played on phones, ipads and tablets. Many companies now design their games first for mobile devices making them more user friendly than the desktop version. If that doesn’t work for you, you can still download the games and play that way on your desktop.

Volatility or variance refers to how much the payouts vary. Low volatility means that the wins are more predictable. They will come more often, and be in smaller amounts. This is good if you want to keep your risks low, or like to have regular wins without waiting for too long.

High volatility means the results can bounce around a lot more. The wins are generally bigger - which means the losses can be too. You also have to wait longer between wins, which for some people can be boring. For others, the excitement of those big wins is the thrill that they are looking for.

Over time, the wins should be in total about the same.

Are you looking for the best online slots sites in Ireland? You can rest assured that the top slots sites have licences, and are properly regulated, not to mention audited, which is done by a third-party, for example eCOGRA. Online gambling is an extremely competitive industry. To keep ahead of the pack and stay at the top, it is essential for them to be visibly secure and safe to members.

They work hard to ensure they conform to the regulations, and the licencing regulators are stringent in their checks. Just look at the bottom of the home page of a site and you should find a list of all the licences a site has. If there are none, just move on. There are many top sites, so don’t waste your time on the red flags.

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